Vendor Advocates Melbourne help you sell your home.
Vendor Property Advocates Melbourne help you sell your home.
Melbourne Vendor Advocates help you sell your home.

Feeling overwhelmed
by the thought of
Selling Your Home?

If you are about to embark on selling what is quite possibly your largest asset,
it is quite normal to be worried and stressed. Sometimes speaking to an expert can help...

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Vendor Advocacy Melbourne

What is Vendor Advocacy?

A Vendor Advocate provides professional, unbiased advice to property sellers, supporting them through the entire process of selling a house.

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What if ...?

You could sell your home or property without EVER having to speak to a Real Estate Agent?

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What are the benefits?

Reduced stress & anxiety, while gaining confidence and peace of mind with your choices. Knowledge is power.

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What does it cost?

How can a service that offers so much value, possibly be FREE?

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How does it work?

5 Easy Steps

Step 1

FREE 1 Hour Consultation

Step 2

Engaging your Vendor Advocate

Step 3

Get set up to SELL!

Step 4

The Campaign

Step 5

The Sale

FREE eBook - The Risky Business of Selling Your Home

FREE eBook!

The Risky Business of Selling Your Home

With over 80 years of real estate sales experience in the Melbourne market, Property Home Base has created a little book to help you get answers to questions you may have, and to ease some of the very REAL concerns that may be going through your mind when you are about to put your property on the market.

You may be wondering:

  • What repairs do I need to make to my home?
  • When is the best time to sell?
  • Should I sell first, or buy first?
  • What price can I realistically expect to get?
  • How do I select the right Real Estate Agent?
  • Why is everybody giving me their advice?
  • Who do I trust?

All great questions. Get your answers here …

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Free 1 Hour Consultation

Part of the consultation will include the Appraisal of your home. We are happy to come and meet with you in your home at a time and day that suits you best. After hours and weekends are fine!

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